Ideally established in Asia


OliO Web Agency / OliO Design / OliO Training School are services and brands of OliO IT Services Co., Ltd (Thailand).
We are ideally established in South East Asia, but our Customers are located worldwide.
Our multicultural team, composed of experts can answer and fulfill your needs and oriented to one objective: Providing you the best services at the best rates.

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Our Mindset


Since its creation, OliO has decided to put the Customer in the center of the decision process, and those, for every kind of project.

Each finalized project is the result of a complete collaboration between You and our Team. This collaboration leads us at each step of the the project to get the result you expect.

This agile way to work makes our Customers greatly satisfied, and this satisfaction is the best advertising.

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Few Projects

Few Project

To really focus on your Customers, on You, we accept only few projects at the same time, which will guarantee that our team will be fully dedicated to this project and will fully finish it before starting a new one.

One more time, our main concern is our Customer, our main concern is YOU!!

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